Mesh Materializer [Blender]

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What is Mesh Materializer?

For any 3D modeler that needs to wrap an object onto the surface of another object like a material, using a UV texture map as a guide.

The add-on handles the complexity of doing this for you in a non-destructive way by adding a unique modifier:

The Source Object (the spiral) is wrapped onto the Target Object (the egg) using the Target Object’s UV Map. It is then re-positioned using the modifier.


  • Simple right-click menu option performs the operation in one go.
  • The add-on maps the X direction of the object to the U direction of the UV map and the Y direction to the V direction.
  • Source object UVs and materials are transferred to the newly created object.
  • Use in combination with any other modifiers.
  • Control the height of the projected object above the Target Object.
  • Position, scale and rotate the object on top of the Target Object.
  • Update the original objects and the result will change in realtime.
  • A Preview Mode helps you position the object by unwrapping the Target Object’s UVs.
  • Creates a regular Blender object that can be exported or edited once its modifiers are applied.
  • Underlying objects are not affected.

Please Note

  • This add-on assumes experience with UV Maps.
  • The add-on does not currently work with overlapping UVs.
  • Check out the UV Squares add-on if you need to quickly turn your UVs into grids.


A Tyre Pattern wrapped around a cylindrical shape (See Overview Video)

A badge is applied to a piece of clothing (Jacket Credit: Curtis Kinney)

Markom3D's Greeble Pack is applied to a circular tube shape with a UV Map created by UV Squares.

plating effect is applied to a simple pipe. 

A Vertex Group is added to the Target Object (the wall) and then used to 'paint' bricks on a wall.  See the documentation or email if you have questions about this (video pending).


If you have any questions or issues do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing


Documentation is at

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Map objects onto another object using its active UV coordinates.

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Mesh Materializer [Blender]

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