Curves To Mesh [Blender]

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Create and configure mesh surfaces from Bezier curves in Blender.


  • Works on curves with multiple Bezier points.
  • Useful when you need to create accurate pieces of a mesh, like an aircraft, or for more organic shapes.
  • Faces can be set to smooth or have their normals flipped during the creation process.
  • Works on a variety of Bezier handle types (Vector, Aligned, Free)
  • A network of curves could be built up to create more complex objects.
  • Can be used as a complement to more traditional modelling techniques.
  • By default the edges will be distributed evenly, but this effect can be reduced (see instructions).
  • Compatible with our other add-ons such as the Plating Generator, Bevelled Extrude and Window Generator.

Demo Video

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Beginner's Tutorials: 

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Questions, comments, suggestions?

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Praise for the Blender Curves to Mesh:

"This is an excellent product and it comes with equally excellent support. The learning curve isn't too steep and the time saving and product enhancements that this add on delivers are absolutely top notch." Russell

"Fantastic plugin, game changer for me specially that I'm coming from Rhino3d. Strongly recommended !!!" Jan Kozerski

"This excellent tool combines Sculpting with the adjustablity of mesh modelling. Making organic hardsurface models is now at lot easier. Wich is great! I use this tool to make armour for a character. By shrinkwrapping curves with autohandles to fit them nicely around a human model works very nice (apply for effects). Its a nice way to build a well defined startermesh for a sculpt or in addition for a subdiv workflow. Also; Mark is very responsive and open for feedback including improvements. Price wise: a good buy and a big timesaver." CG_GroundBirdie

"FINALLY design is as always should had been. This addon enables you an almost-freestyle skecthing of everything you can dream on. IN QUAD-BASED RESULTS!!!" Javier

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Create and configure mesh surfaces from bezier curves.

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Curves To Mesh [Blender]

2 ratings
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