Conform Object

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What is Conform Object?

For any 3D modeler that needs to wrap objects onto another object surface in one action in Blender.

The add-on handles the complexity of doing this for you in a non-destructive way, using the source object's location and orientation to project it onto the target object's surface.

The add-on assumes knowledge of how an object's location and orientation works in Blender.


See the overview video here.


  • Simple right-click menu option performs the operation in one go.
  • Graduate the effect from the bottom to the top of the object.
  • Choose from Grid Mode or Shrinkwrap Mode.
  • Transfer surface normals to blend object shading.
  • Use a deformation lattice to stretch an object around the surface of another.
  • Underlying mesh is not affected.
  • Undo and apply options handle the underlying complexity of adding and removing modifers.
  • Conform multiple objects at once.
  • Presets system to save your preferred settings.


Documentation is at


If you have an issue or feature request, don't hesitate to get in touch via

I want this!

A Blender add-on for 3D modelers that bends objects onto 4 cornered quad surfaces, enabling the creation of interesting objects that could be challenging to model otherwise.

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Conform Object

11 ratings
I want this!